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Accident/Incident Investigation
Review of RADAR Data, TARP, CEDAR, RAPTOR, FALCON, PEDARS, Review of NTAP and DART Data Air Traffic Control Instructions Controller Phraseology Adherence to FAA Handbooks Air Traffic Control Equipment Regional and Local Air Traffic Procedures Letters of Agreement, Standard Operating Procedures Quality Assurance, Operational Errors Controller Certification and Proficiency Emergency Planning and Procedures
Strategic Analysis, Brand and Product Positioning Low Cost Business Model Evolution/Transitioning Customer Segmentation, Competitive Analysis Core Business Drivers, Demand Generation Developing and Sustaining a High Performing Culture Airline Efficiency and Fuel Conservation Analysis Airline Business Interruption Loss Analysis On-time Performance Analysis ATC Delay and Routing Analysis Safety, Emergency Planning and Procedures Security Management Alliances, Partnership & Code Sharing Strategy Frequent Flyer Program Development Reservations and Online Booking Development Distribution Channel Strategy - Direct, Indirect Revenue and Yield Managment Training Assistance
Airport Capacity Analysis Commercial Development, Demand Generation Airport Design Analysis Airport Layout Plan Development, Review and Analysis Airport Master Plan Development, Review and Analysis Part 150 Noise Study Review and Analysis Airport Traffic Control Tower Design, Equipment, Staffing Air Traffic Training, Terminal and En Route Analysis of Airport Expansion Projects Privatization
Airspace Analysis and Design Airspace Capacity Analysis Analysis of Air Traffic Modeling Results Airspace Efficiency Improvement Technology Infusion
Air Traffic Control Programs
Arrival and Departure Procedures, Design and Analysis Advanced Navigation Procedures, GPS, RNAV, FMS Review of Proposed Airspace and Procedural Changes Review and Analysis of FAR Part 150 Noise Studies Review and Analysis of EIR/EIS and Environmental Assessments Noise Abatement Review and Analysis of Categorical Exclusions Airspace Studies Airspace Modeling Analysis ICAO Procedure Compliance
Aircraft Engines/Powerplant
Engineering and Design Experience Propulsion Systems: Boeing 747, 767, 777, 787 Airbus 300, 310, 330, 340 McDonald Douglas MD-11 Design and Implement Repair, Replacement & Refurbishment Centers Work Scope Planning guides Design, drawing and certification report reviews, propulsion systems, 14CFR Part 33 and 25 Certification test plans/test set-ups
Environmental Analysis
Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) Environmental Impact Reviews (EIR) Environmental Assessments (EA) Categorical Exclusions Impacts and Mitigation Alternatives Emission and Energy Conservation Alternatives Carbon Offset Strategies
Expert Witness
Aviation Related Issues
International Aviation
New Route Analysis and Validation Tourism and Business Development Strategy Development of National Airspace Plans Airport Master Plans Communications/Navigation/Surveillance (CNS) Master Planning Air Traffic Management (ATM) Master Planning International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Interface ICAO Compliance Documents Technical, Regulatory and Procedural Document Development Air Traffic Controller Training (Terminal ? En Route) Destination Positioning and Marketing Partnerships and Alliance Development and Leveraging
Motion Picture and Television Consulting
FAA Air Traffic Procedures and Phraseology Emergency Procedures Script Analysis for Technical Accuracy Air Traffic Control Tower Set Design Consultants Air Traffic Approach Control and Center Set Design Consultants Script Review and Approval Assistance - Federal Agencies Coordination With Federal Agencies Coordination with Airline(s) Budget Leveraging - Airline, Ancillary Service Promotion
Obstruction Analysis
Evaluations of Construction In the Vicinity of Airports Obstruction Analysis (Height, Design, Reporting Criteria) Building Interference with Navigational Aids Waivers for Construction Near Airports or Approach Paths Construction Cranes and Derricks FAA Notification Requirements Notice of Proposed Construction Obstruction Lighting Communication Towers and Antennas Heliports Wind Turbines
Urban Planning
General plans Zoning ordinances Environmental reviews Master and site plans for residential developments. Master and site plans for mixed use developments. Urban planning Transportation planning Local planning ordinances Federal planning requirements